Ludum Dare 48: Deeper and Deeper

For the first time, I’ve participated in Ludum Dare. It’s a long-running “game-jam” and competition, in which participants make a (video) game in a weekend. This is what we came up with.

The competition involves making games solo, and the jam allows you to have teams of any size. The division seems like a simple solution for competetive people, but it’s hard for me to imagine the mindset for treating the event competetively. The rules are a tiny bit uncertain when it comes to using already-made material, and mostly rely on the honor system anyway.

The event runs three times a year, starting with the announcement of a theme. I was on a team along with Ben, Declan, and Zach. We named our game after the theme, “Deeper and deeper,” and went with classic isometric dungeon exploration.

Ben and Zach did all the visual art, which rules. Declan made the awesome score, which changes as you get… further and further in the cave. I was able to practice with Godot’s logic and signal system. Ben and Zach made all the enemies and NPCs, and were able to glue everything together.

Deeper and Deeper.

I have been learning Godot recently for another project, and it’s proven to be a real blast. It is an open-source alternative to Unity, providing a ton of classes for 2D and 3D 0bjects whose lighting and physics can be automatically handled by the engine. I hope to make something interesting with it. It can also deal with animations in what I assume is how Flash worked. I dunno. I never wrote anything with Flash. Remember Flash? I remember Flash. Flash. There used to be it.

Screencap of Deeper and Deeper.

The story is cute, involving elderly and estranged twin brothers, and we fit in a long silly recording of it told aloud.

I hope to do this event again in the future as I continue to learn Godot. Except for some trouble we had with Git, it worked the way it was supposed to. A solo project wouldn’t need to use Git to share between team members anyway.